Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

Today’s organizations confront an explosion of data captured and collected from a multitude of sources across and beyond the enterprise. Managing and controlling this massive amount of information presents a significant challenge, especially for businesses whose data growth far exceeds internal resources.

Culling from decades of practical experience implementing information technology and systems, MicroMem will help you manage and mine your data to make faster, better business decisions while reducing costs. Beyond delivering storage solutions, we deliver the expertise to:

  • Maximize your current storage investments and minimize storage costs
  • Classify and assign data to appropriate storage solutions based on the level of sensitivity and accessibility requirements
  • Maximize the cost- and space-savings of data de-duplication
  • Manage your digital assets, determining what to preserve and what to delete
  • Provision who has access to what data, under what conditions
  • Back up your data and secure it from unauthorized access and malicious use
  • Define and implement processes to control data growth
  • Access and leverage information to improve efficiencies and operations

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MicroMem International, Inc. was founded in 1994 to provide enterprises of all sizes and segments solutions and purchasing power towards all their Information Technology (IT) requirements. To help us accomplish this, we found the need to form relationships with key distribution companies and become select partners with major hardware and software manufactures. These key partnerships allow us to provide the optimal IT solution to any problem. With this foundation, MicroMem has grown into a multi-million dollar organization with clients all across the country. We will continue to provide the one-on-one relationship and customer satisfaction that our clients expect, at the same time providing cost-effective solutions. Our philosophy is simple, work in partnership with you to maximize your investments.

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